Piano Rebuilding
Our Piano Rebuilding Service will restore the original beauty and playability of
your piano. American pianos built in the Golden Years of American piano making
are the finest ever built and deserve the finest refurbishing services available.
Our skilled technicians will bring a worn or tired piano back to it's original state,
at an affordable price.
  Basic Grand Rebuilding Package:

  • Refinishing and Repair of Piano

  • Soundboard Repair

  • Bass and Treble String

  • Plate Refinishing

  • Bridges Repaired

  • New Pinblock and Pins

  • Keytop Replacement or Repair

  • Damper Replacement

  • Hardware Buffed and Cleaned

  • Logo Stencil Replacement

  • Hardware Buffed and Cleaned

  • Piano Tuned 5 times
Steinway 0, circa 1928
Steinway Grand Restorer
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Upright Piano Rebuilding
Square Grand Rebuilding
Grand Piano Rebuilding

 Complete Grand Rebuilding Package:

  • New  Factory Specified Action Parts
  • Soundboard and Bridge Replacement